Due to my current commitment as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the AWA Entsorgung (waste removal) GmH in Eschweiler, Germany, I am currently unavailable for full-time career opportunities.

My service offering is the provision of guidance, support, feedback, and sparring opportunities for new business founders and entrepreneurs. Helping you bring your ideas to life is my strength.

Since completing further education in Consulting and Coaching for Change (CCC) at the HEC Paris and the Said Business School in Oxford I have been engaged as a consultant on numerous change projects. My subject matter expertise lies in the management of local government-led organisations, Change Management and Organizational Design and restructure.

As alumni of the CCC program I have been actively involved in pro bono projects of international NGOs, such as `generation for peace´.

I provide consulting services in specialist areas in the energy industry, for example on strategic changes to hedging, the establishment and reorganisation of new lines of business or on cost reductions measures.

This offer is relevant for knowledge brokers, energy suppliers and traders, and, accordingly organisations that seek to engage with the energy sector.

As a yoga teacher (BYL > 500h) I supplemented and enriched my original BYL training with Anusara technique and have additional qualifications  in yoga therapy. Amongst my most significant influencers have been the teachers Doug Keller, Dr. Günter Niessen und Dr. Ganesh Mohan.

I specialise in Hatha Yoga, a form that incorporates many styles resulting in a fusion of healthy, modern yoga form. In my classes I integrate current scientific findings from modern training principles, from medicine and from yoga therapy.

In 2016 my yoga-based illness prevention courses were recognised by the central accreditation body for prevention in Germany. They meet the quality assurance criteria for illness-prevention, in accordance with best practice guidelines of the GKV-umbrella organisation.

Inspired by the worldwide Peace initiatives of the 14th Dalai Lama, I support the work of the Mind & Life Institute US and the Mind & Life Institute Europe organisations that grew from his patronage.

As an accredited business coach (European Coaching Association) I accompany senior leaders through their careers and provide systematic support for their career development, management audits, and planned job changes, including in the context of outplacement.

My skillset has constantly sharpend in recent years and extends, for example, to organisational development and systemic coaching. Furthermore I am an accredited practitioner and provider of psychometric testings such as the MBTI-Tool – something I draw on regularly as part of my coaching practice.

My coaching passion and specialisation relates to the topic of `leadership´.

As an accredited mediator I help divisive parties find solutions within your organisation, between organisations or within the context of private conflict, especially with regard to complex financial disputes.

I did my basic mediation training at the Mediation Academy Berlin and completed it in additional trainings with Drs.  Gisela und Hans-Jörg Mähler, Gary Friedman and with Prof. Claude Helene Mayer.

I am founding member of the sponsor body, known as `Mediation Round Table´of the German industry.

Co-operation partner

Prof. Dr. Madeleine Bernhard
Expert for strategic HR development
Dr. Susanne Lapp
Training coach, Expert 
for people development