Frank Wolff Chief Operating Officer of the AWA Waste Removal GmbH, Consultant, Mediator, Coach and Yoga Teacher

For almost a quarter of a century the supply and removal of resources has been the essence of my profession. I now wish to expand my professional practice to consulting, coaching, mediation, asset- and risk management and to the teaching of yoga.  

Please allow me to introduce myself!


Waste removal expertise

  • COO of a public waste removal company
  • Waste incinerating plants
  • Operating waste collection stations
  • Waste removal consulting
  • Circular economy
  • Mangaging communal boards and investment holdings

Business Management expertise

  • COO/CFO experience
  • Establishment of a public utility
  • CFO of an energy grid company
  • Responsibility for the accounting of private und public companies (IAS, HGB, German tax law, Doppik, GemO and NHKR)
  • Responsibility for financing private and public corporations 


  • Track record in implementing change projects
  • Strategic (re)launches of a public owned companies
  • Expertise in reorganising complex value chains and -processes
  • Execution of cost cutting programs
  • Teacher in further education

Energy Industry

  • Trader (approval to trade on EEX exchange in Leipzig)
  • Commodity markets und -hedging
  • Portfolio management
  • Risk managment
  • Renewables
  • Financial modeling/pricing
  • Long term experience in executing commodity hedging strategies (power, coal, gas, EUAs)

Public Sector

  • CFO of a public sector company 
  • Experience in setting up of business plans in accordance with German public law (Doppik, GemO und NKHR)
  • Project management of big public projects
  • Successful negotiation of large inter-municipality / local government matters
  • Service provider for public associations

Asset Management

  • Technical asset manager (powerplants, grids, decentralised combined heat and power stations, renewables, waste removal assets)
  • Portfoliomanagment expertise in managing Germanys largest power plant portfolio 
  • Power plant dispatch
  • Management of public facilities (aquatic centres, car parks)
  • Project developer


  • Controlling Expertise (revenues, cost, fair value)
  • Risk controlling experience in the energy business (derivates and commodity portfolios)
  • Longterm experience in technical asset controlling 
  • Expert in commodity fair value topics
  • Benchmark projects


  • Hatha yoga teacher (BYL > 500 h)
  • various Anusara Yoga advanced trainings
  • Yoga therapy training (Dr. Ganesh Mohan and Dr. Günter Nießen)
  • Heart rate variability analysis
  • Meditation teacher
  • Yoga therapy coach
Our business partners and our affiliates always apprecitated Frank Wolff as a trading and negotiation partner due to his subject matter expertise and extensive consulting excellence.
Professor Dr. Henning Rentz
RWE AG, Essen
In preparation of my career change from the UK to Germany the conversations with Frank have been very useful in coming to understand the challenges of German energy retailers.
Anna Katharina Kloska
Head of audit, Enercity
The training sessions with Frank have been very useful for me. He introduced us to movement patterns which strengthen our backs, and which enable us to have fun even in advanced yoga classes without the fear of risking injury.
Heidi Trost
Frank is a very pleasant and attentive yoga teacher, who expertly adjusts the exercise level to the capabilities of the yoga class participants. I always felt satisfied and comfortable in his yoga classes.
The collaboration with Frank Wolff in the management board of Energie Kirchheim GmbH & Co.KG was very successful. Together we were able to successfully expand the company from its foundation.
Stefan Herzhauser
ENBW Beteiligungen AG
The utility works of Esslingen helped the utility works of Kirchheim unter Teck  to introduce contracting arrangements for public facilities. 
Frank Wolff, who led the process for Kirchheim unter Teck as CFO, has always been a reliable business partner. It was a pleasure to support him develop the Works!
Thomas Isele
Stadtwerke Esslingen
Frank joined the "Wasserfreunde Delphin Eschweiler" (The association of the water friends of Eschweiler)  at a time when the future of the Eschweiler swimming arena was under threat. His facilitation- and experience in politics ensured the rebuilding of the indoor pool and its preservation as a sports venue. After this and for more than 25 years he went on to successfully manage the affairs of the club, with the original board members and later with me, until the ultimate merger of the Eschweiler swimming clubs.
Dr. Christoph Herzog
Wasserfreunde Delphin Eschweiler